How Paris tries to attract London businesses post-Brexit


It is no secret that Paris has always been a city of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to pursue their careers and start an independent life. However, after Brexit, things are becoming more intense as Paris is found to be the most active city trying to attract London businesses and startups. It is working hard to compel people from London to start their business in Paris.

  • Paris region

It is a surprising fact that four thousand British executives received a letter from the head of the Paris regional government, named Valerie Pecresse, after Brexit. The letter was sent to the small, medium and large sized businesses. It focused on the number of business advantages Paris offers. The benefits included professional work environment, well-trained workforce, advanced hospitals, quality education and more.

In an interview, Valerie Pecresse clearly stated that they are putting their efforts to convince British businesses to come to Europe. She further added that steps should be taken by the government to attract new people. There should be special tax regimes for people coming to the French capital.

According to the Paris regional government, approx. 30,000 financial sector jobs have opened up after the Brexit. Paris is likely to urge new businesses from London as it is a competitive city offering numerous opportunities. Moreover, easy access from Paris to London is also a plus point for British people.

  • Medias

Moreover, newspapers were printed that invited entrepreneurs and investors to join the frogs in the city’s business district named La Defense. The district comprises of 400 companies and 160,000 employees.

  • The governement

Also, the French government also promises to build international schools in Paris and work on the train networks to ensure easy commutation to London.

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